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3 Stars in Birds +

Get it on Google Play Today's the day! 3 Stars in Birds + for Android Jelly Bean is here! Standard's preserved: no root, just 3 stars.

Looking for betatesting participants (3 Stars for JellyBean)

We are currently working on a new application 3 Stars in Birds+, which, as far as we know, should be the first and only one app allowing users to backup, restore and get 3 stars in Angry Birds on Android JellyBean without root! To ensure a fluent start and a flawless experience, we are looking for people willing to participate in beta testing. As a reward you'll get the application for free with all future updates when it is released!

3 Stars in Angry Birds Star Wars

Slightly after the release of the game, 3 Stars app comes into play. Get 3 Stars in Angry Birds Star Wars. However, the Path of the Jedi episode will remain locked unless you bought it from Rovio. If you have bought the episode, it will be unlocked and 3 star’ed as you would expect.

3 Stars in Bad Piggies

Don't get frustrated with those pigs, grab 3 stars now ;-)

3 Stars on JellyBean

Due to some internal changes in JellyBean, 3 Stars apps are not currently supported on these devices.

Cheater for Angry Birds Space!

Give yourself 3 stars in each level and amaze your friends! Now with a new Angry Birds Space 3 Stars app.

Robo Defense Cheater

We proudly announce a new application: Robo Defense Cheater - remove the limitations in your Robo Defense game. With this application you will get limitless Reward Points to spend, unlock the highest levels and maximize your artillery efficiency. See more.

Fixes and updates for all 3 Stars apps

All three apps have been updated to match the current releases of the game. Many bug fixes has been made and a brand new backup system is now in place to ensure you never loose your progress. Click here for more info.

Updates for 3 Stars in Angry Birds

All 3 Stars in Angry Birds applications updated! You can now enjoy 3 stars in Airfield Chase for Rio, Mooncake Festival for Seasons and new Mine and Dine levels in original Angry birds. See it all here with links to market.

Brand new apps for Angry Birds!

These new apps will unlock all levels and give you 3 stars in each of them!


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