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Get it on Google Play New! Added triple and quad mode! NBack is an intellectual game which requires concentration and determination. If you have these abilities, you will find that your working memory and fluid intelligence increases as you play. The game presents you with a series of visual and auditory stimulations and then you have to determine whether the same symbol or sound occurred n steps back. Studies show that it has real potential to increase one’s intelligence. The studies called these experiments n-back, hence the name. Features:
  • Automatic mode: Pre-determines the appropriate level for you
  • Statistics: Track your progress
  • Fully customizable manual mode: Offers control over speed, level, number of trials and features
  • Four kinds of stimulation: Position, sound, symbol and color in any combination
  • Single, dual, triple and quad n-back: Dual is standard, but you can choose any mode you like
  • Profiles: Keep all of your settings and progress
The game itself is quite simple, however this does not make it any less challenging. You are presented with a series of visual and auditory stimulations, you have to remember what occured n steps back. If the current trial matches with the one which occured n steps back, you press a corresponding button. If you are right, a tick appears, if you are not, a cross appears. If you miss a correct trial, an exclamation mark appears. Everything is designed to be as basic as possible to allow you to focus on the sequence. It does not appear to be very hard but the point is you are given 2 stimulations in one moment (for example a position and sound together), that is what makes this game quite challenging. In automatic mode, the game will adjust the appropriate level according to your performance. Also, statistics in the form of a graph are available to keep track of your progress. You can also use several profiles that allow you to let other people play without interfering with your settings and statistics.
In manual mode, you can choose from 4 different kinds of stimulation (position, sound, symbol and color) and combine them in every way. That effectively means you can choose to play single, dual, triple or even quad n-back. In this mode you can also adjust the behaviour of the testing processes such as speed, number of trials or n-back level. To explain how the game works, look at the following example: In 2-back, you are given following series of trials:
A bold numbers identify trials which are correct. The same series for 3-back would look following:
If you are still unsure how to play this game, you can check the on-line tutorial with explanatory videos. You should aim for 20 sessions per day, 4-5 times per week. Do not overtrain as your brain needs to rest. You should be able to reach 3-back quite easily and 4-back with a bit more effort. Test your limits! If you find any bugs contact me at!
Main screen
Testing in progress
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