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Angry Birds Walkthrough

A brand new app was released - Angry Birds Walkthrough which will never leave you in despair about how to complete a level in any Angry Birds!

Articles about our apps

Through the time, articles about our apps were popping up. To keep an easy track of them, here is their list:

Root FTP Server:

Angry Ad Removal changes name

Through the new 1.02 version featuring some bug fixes and updated ad list, the application changes its name to Angry Ad Blocker. Another good news is that it is offered for special price of $2 now! See it here.

Video tutorials about RFTP and Angry Ad Removal

New tutorial for Root FTP Server

A new article about our Root FTP Server came out at It is a tutorial how to use it, so don't miss it!

New refund policy

Although we tried to help unsatisfied customers, we now publicly offer 5 day money-back guarantee.

Angry Ad Removal

Ever dreamed of playing your favourite game or browsing the internet without those intrusive ads? Now you have a chance. The new Angry Ad Removal app does exactly this! For just $3 it is a bargain...

Great changes in nback

NBack was updated with the following:
  • New sound set with clear and nice voice
  • Graphics changes, better symbols, icon
  • Reworked help, start automatically at first run
  • Some bugfixes
Give it a try!

Wow - nback is free now! RFTP is on sale!

NBack now ships as free completely enabled version. You can still buy it if you like to donate or don't like ads.
Root FTP Server is on sale! Only £0.99 for limited time.

Hot news

NBack updated to v1.10 and now it supports triple and quad mode to add even more challenge!
Root FTP updated to v1.15 and it supports writing to system and root folder.

Also several bugs were fixed in these updates.


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